Holiday time!

As the boss is on a much needed and well earned holiday, we will be taking a short break and will not be taking in or re-homing any cats.

Any re-homes that have been organised in advance will still go ahead, and of course all our cats and kittens will be cared for by our foster team.

If you’d like to adopt a cat, please fill out our adoption form as normal, and we will get back to you in around 10 days time.

If you need help with a cat urgently there are several other cat rescues in the area who may be able to help – email us if you’d like a list of contacts. If you need help but it’s not urgent, drop us an email and we will follow up on Debbie’s return.

Actual footage of Debbie on holiday ;-P

You can still contact us as usual via our Facebook page or by emailing us at The admin team will be on hand to respond to any queries.

Thanks so much for your patience and continued support. We’ll be back in business soon!

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