June Update

June was another busy month for us at Henry’s Haven, with 25 cats and kittens going to their forever homes.

Tabitha and Sierra were among the re-homes for this month. Look at those gorgeous little faces! These babies will be growing up loved and cared for rather than on the streets.

Sadly thousands of other kittens will be born to short, difficult lives in bushes and sheds. There’s a simple way to solve this of course – spay and neuter. We talk about neutering a lot here at Henry’s, because we see the unnecessary suffering that happens when people fail to neuter their pets. It’s the healthiest option for your cat, and for kittens everywhere. Healthy kittens are adorable, but poorly kittens that die in their first few weeks of life are heartbreaking. You can prevent this suffering. Please spay and neuter your kitties.

Also this month little Fleur was ill and needed emergency vet care. This meant an overnight stay and of course a huge bill for Henry’s! Thankfully Fleur is feeling much better now and improving every day but our finances are looking a bit less healthy.

Fleur – before her illness

Fleur’s vet bill wiped out our emergency fund, so we now need to raise funds to replace that. If you’d like to help us raise this much needed cash, you can help us by donating cash, helping out at a fundraising event (or even planning one of your own), or donating items for our auctions and tombolas. You can also help us more generally by buying a gift for our cats from our Amazon Wishlist.

A huge THANK YOU to all our supporters, adopters, and well-wishers. Your support is so important to us all.

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