Henry and Friends


henry jan 19
Henry in January 2019, looking like the handsome lad he is! 

This is Henry, the gorgeous boy who Henry’s Haven is named after.

Henry came to us in September 2018 as a stray. He was hungry, had a nasty head wound, was full of parasites, and had a problem with his back legs. After countless vets visits, tests of every kind – with his x-rays being sent to specialists around the world, Henry was diagnosed with a rare condition called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans. This condition means that Henry’s joints will progressively calcify and freeze up, until he is no longer able to move or eat. The disease is always fatal and cannot be treated.

Once we obtained a successful diagnosis, we decided that Henry would move in with our founder Debbie. There he will continue to be monitored, and most importantly, he will be loved, nurtured and cared for. Henry is receiving palliative care, including pain relief, that will allow him to live out the rest of his days as happily as possible.

Henry 1
Henry when he first arrived – scared, hungry, and injured.

Henry is knowing love, he is warm, well fed, and learning to play and enjoy a cuddle. You can see from his photos that he has made huge improvements from when he first arrived. When the day comes that his quality of life is no longer acceptable, Henry will sadly be put to sleep. Until then he will be loved. He has attracted a lot of attention from pioneering vets across the globe, helping research into this rare and little known condition.

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Little Smokey was just 8 weeks old when she was abandoned at a vets surgery. It was obvious right away that she had problems with her eyes, and staff at the Rescue’s vet cared for her until we were able to step in to get Smokey the specialist care she needs.

Smokey has been to see a specialist vet, and it turns out that she only has half her eyelids. Unfortunately they have also turned in which causes her a lot of pain. She now has pain relief, lubrication to prevent her eyes drying out, and is being cared for in long term foster. This is a very unusual condition, so another specialist is being consulted. Whatever happens, Smokey will receive the care she needs so that she can lead a long and happy life. Although she may end up losing any vision she has left, we are confident that Smokey will grow up to be a wonderful and happy cat.

Smokey is not available for adoption and we will not be responding to queries about adoption her at this stage. It’s far too early for us to consider this – we need to focus on getting her healthy and happy.

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Your donations will help to pay for vet care, food and litter, and general expenses. Any donations we receive over and above what we need to care for our long term residents will be used to support the general work of the Rescue.

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