How to Adopt a Cat

All adoptions require passing a home check, and an adoption fee of £80.

1. Check out all the cats and kittens we have available on our Facebook page.

2. Complete our Adopter Application by clicking HERE. If you have any problems accessing the form, email us at to request a paper form.

3. One of our volunteers will contact you to arrange a video home check. This will be as soon as possible but can sometimes take a little longer if we have a lot of applications in at once. You will need ID and proof you own your home or have permission from the landlord to keep a pet. Please do not apply unless you have this information.

4. Once you have had your home check, you will receive an email to inform you of the outcome. If successful, you will be advised to check the ‘available cats and kittens for adoption’ album. Please ensure you read the text on a cats post before applying. Any cats that have “RESERVED” on their post can still be applied for and you will be notified if their home offer doesn’t work out.

PLEASE NOTE We allocate on a first come first served basis to those that have had a home check. Expressions of interest can not be taken for cats, kittens or unborn kittens before they are ready for adoption and posted in the album, please do not ask, it wouldn’t be fair or manageable for us to work that way. Once you have been allocated a cat, the fosterer will be in contact to make arrangements once your cat is ready.

When you collect the cat you will fill out an Adoption Contract, which is an agreement that sets out your basic responsibilities, and what would happen if you were no longer able to care for the cat.

You will also need to pay our adoption fee of £80 before you take the cat away.

If you need any further information and advice don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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